Discover The Advantages Of Using A Cycling Courier In Melbourne

If your business is in Melbourne, you may need to sometimes send a package or an envelope to another business within the city. Often these items need to be delivered in a timely manner.  As with most cities, traffic is often an issue when using traditional Courier Services.

Here we will take a look at the advantages of using a cycling Courier in Melbourne.

Avoid Traffic Jams

Regardless of whether a business tries to use a traditional Courier Service or they try to have a staff member deliver items to businesses throughout the city, there is always the issue of traffic. In the case where a business is using a member of their staff to make the delivery.

There is the time involved where that person is simply sitting in traffic and under those circumstances. They have no real control over when they can arrive at the destination.

If you use a professional service that uses traditional methods of transportation, then there is the same issue. Typically these services are dependable but again they work within the confines of the conditions in the city.

This means when there is a package or paperwork that needs to be delivered in a timely manner there’s no way to guarantee that under those conditions.

This is one of the ways a cycle courier in Melbourne can help your business. These cyclists are able to deliver packages throughout the city without the burden or concern of being caught in traffic jams.

Bike Couriers Melbourne | Cargone Couriers

Go Green

The only fuel that the cyclist burn is the energy they use while cycling. This means that you not only can have your packages delivered in a timely manner but you can do so knowing that you’re contributing to a better atmosphere within the city limits.

This ultimately will save money as cycling couriers in Melbourne are most often a less expensive alternative for your deliveries and because of the nature of their transportation, you help to reduce the city’s fuel emissions and air pollution.


It is often shocking to businesses who use cycle couriers for the first time, just how fast they can deliver packages. Often these couriers know the city even better than taxi drivers because they cycle through all the roads, back alleys, and shortcuts that only a cyclist knows.

Many of these couriers are serious about what they do and they absolutely love the opportunity to work in the outdoors and the exercise as well as the enjoyment of cycling.

Regardless of whether there’s been a big traffic jam somewhere, or the weather is difficult and slowing down traffic, or other reasons that regularly happen within the city, the cyclist is able to get around those things without being delayed and this means that important packages can be delivered on time.

Whenever there are legal documents are other important items that require timely delivery, it is the cycle couriers in Melbourne that can get it there on time.


All companies are interested in the ability to reduce the cost of services. Substantial savings can be had by using cycle couriers instead of other types of couriers. In almost every case, the total cost of using bike couriers instead of others will significantly lower total cost.

When you add in the fact that timely delivery is substantially enhanced within the city limits together with lower cost, it just makes good sense to use bike couriers in Melbourne.

Delivery With A Smile

With many traditional couriers, the delivery person often has a stagnant expression when making their deliveries. For them, it’s a job and they may well be glad to have it but at the same time, they may feel tired and frustrated from having to fight the constant battle of traffic and other issues related to road conditions when making deliveries.

Unfortunately for them, they are often ridiculed for being late even though there were road conditions that made it impossible for them to complete the delivery any earlier.

The bike couriers on the other hand often make their deliveries with a smile on their face because they’re happy doing what they do. They genuinely enjoy the work and the challenge of getting through the city and making the delivery on time.  It is something that the majority of bike couriers have a great passion for and they take great pride in getting their deliveries completed on time.

If you have packages or papers that need to be delivered in Melbourne then you should strongly consider using a bike courier. Regardless of whether you need frequent or in-frequent deliveries, you will certainly find those bike couriers are an affordable and dependable alternative to other types of services.

Once you begin using this type of delivery service you will continue to do so because you will find they are the best choice inside the city limits.

Fake Grass Brisbane | PS Lawns

3 Tips for Buying Fake Turf Brisbane

Do you want to have natural grass on your lawn? There is no doubt that nothing looks better than natural grass, However, maintaining it can be inconvenient and annoying. You need to dedicate time to mowing the lawn, watering the plants, and removing the weeds. But why not consider an equally beautiful but easier to maintain alternative?

Fake grass is becoming increasingly popular these days. You won’t even notice the difference between fake grass and the real thing. But still, you need to do your due diligence in order to buy the best fake turf in Brisbane.

Fake Turf Brisbane | PS Lawns

Why Choose Fake Turf?

Maintaining a natural lawn requires a ton of time and effort. Aside from regular mowing, you also need to spend time watering the plants and removing moss and weeds. If you want your lawn to look nice, you have no choice but to do this if you want to maintain the look of your turf.

With artificial grass, however, you don’t have to worry about any time-consuming maintenance. In fact, fake turf is easy to clean which is great if you have children or pets. You really only need to water them lightly to get rid of spillages or other stains that may appear.

And if you want to decorate oddly-shaped areas of the home such as the deck and terrace, installing artificial grass is much more convenient than using real grass.


What to Look For?

There are a number of features you need to consider when buying artificial grass. There a number of great options for fake turf in the current marketplace, however, it’s still important to get down to the details so you can pick what best fits your needs.


Density and Thickness

One of the first things you need to look at its density. This refers to the number of grass blades per square inch. The more blades there are, the thicker and denser the grass is. This can have an enormous impact on how your lawn will look like, so be sure to choose carefully.

If you’re going for utmost comfort, then you’d want to pick thick, dense grass. For those with a limited budget, however, you may want a low-density grass but don’t expect them to look and feel as good.

Not to mention, the low-density grass isn’t ideal for areas with a lot of foot traffic. It is very important to consider where you want to place the grass so you can determine the most suitable density.



Artificial grass blades now come in various colours. A few short years ago, it was fairly easy to spot fake grass. It was the shiny green plastic stuff that is obviously fake and doesn’t look real at all. Most manufacturers now create natural-looking fake turf, making it easy for anyone to get fooled that it is actually fake grass. Also, a hint of brown is now added to the base of the grass to simulate the look of dead grass.

It also allows a bit of your natural lawn to be seen. And of course, picking the right shade of green can give you the lush look of a perfectly healthy lawn.



Grass pile refers to how the upright blades look. A short and curly pile gives you the thinnest and least dense option. The cost is also considerably lower than a longer pile. If you want a more luxurious appearance, then go for a straight and curly pile. This combination allows for a more natural look. Make sure that during installation, the pile is all facing the same direction.

These are the three critical factors you need to consider when buying artificial grass. Thankfully, when it comes to fake turf Brisbane, there are plenty of reputable providers. Just be sure to choose a company that has extensive experience in the industry.

Before making any major decisions, it’s best to try and ask for samples so you can see the quality of the grass before spending any money.

Cosmetic Dentistry | Nova Dental

10 Tips For Choosing A Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is not recognized as a speciality by the Australian Dental Association. Therefore, since any general dentist can claim to provide cosmetic services, it’s always tough for anyone to find a good cosmetic dentist. Here are are some tips to help you find the best cosmetic dentist in Melbourne.

Cosmetic Dentist | Nova Dentist


The best cosmetic dentist would have received proper academic training in the field from an accredited Australian university.  Australian dentistry is overseen by two institutions; the Australian Dental Council and the Dental Board of Australia. That means your cosmetic dentist should have completed postgraduate courses in cosmetic dentistry and obtained the right qualifications from either one of these Australian institutions.

Therefore, before making an appointment, you should ask about your dentist’s training to make sure you’re getting the best one for your dental needs.


Australian dentistry is overseen by the Australian Dental Council and the Dental Board of Australia The professional body for dentists is the Australian Dental Association. Dentists trained in Australia must meet the entry requirements of one of the Australian institutions offering dental courses, and then complete the required full-time academic training leading to a dental degree. If dentists wish to specialize, they must complete extra study after having had clinical experience


Certifications And Associations

The most renowned association for all Australian-based cosmetic dentists in the Dental Board of Australia. Of course, membership in this association doesn’t guarantee that a dentist is actually good but it’s a sign that he/she actually takes his/her profession seriously enough to invest in being a member in the association.


Payment Options

Many insurance companies don’t offer payment policies for cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, you should work with a dentist who accepts payment plans and credit cards. There are some cosmetic dentists that offer third-party patient financing options, so don’t forget to ask!



What are the official working hours for the dentist? Are they suitable for your schedule? Can the dentist treat your entire family or do you need to find a different one who can accommodate everyone including your kids?



Find a cosmetic dentist in Melbourne who is located conveniently near your home or work. That’s because most of these procedures require multiple visits so you don’t have to go out of your way to make a visit.


Latest Technology

Find a cosmetic dentist who has invested in the latest technology such as intraoral cameras, digital x-rays, dental lasers or chairside monitors. Additionally, you need to find out the type of sedation and anaesthesia offered to make sure you’re not allergic to anything.



Although they are not performing invasive procedures, you need to be comfortable in a cosmetic dentist’s office. For instance is the staff friendly? Do you feel free to ask questions and how does the dentist answer them? How do you feel when you step into the dentist’s office?


Former Clients

Before visiting the dentist, you need to find out what former clients are saying about him/her. Most cosmetic dentists display them before and after photos to showcase their job. If possible take a look at the dentist’s website to find out the customer testimonials. If everything looks good, you’re definitely in the wrong hands.


Finally, does the dentist offer previews to show you what you should expect before the procedure is completed? Certainly, you don’t want to get out of the dentist’s office without your expected results.


Finding the best cosmetic dentist in Melbourne requires a lot of due diligence and by going through the tips outlined above, you should be able to find the best one for your cosmetic dentistry needs.



Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist that you can trust? Why not choose Nova Dental!

At Nova Dental we understand that having an attractive smile is an important personal asset, especially for those first impressions. That’s why we have a highly trained and well-experienced team of cosmetic dentists that specialise in smile design and aesthetic dentistry.

We offer a range of smile beautification treatments that will guarantee to enhance the appearance of your teeth regardless of whether your teeth are crooked, discoloured, gapped, too long or too short.

Nova Dental will treat each and every patient as an individual to ensure that you leave with a healthy and natural looking smile that is unique to you. From crowns and bridges to porcelain veneers, our patients will not only look great but will feel great too!

Why not make your first impression count. You can book an appointment with Nova Dental today! Our cosmetic dentists will provide a consultation time to carefully assess your dental health and provide you with an evaluation that will address your specific issues and concerns. Then our professionals will discuss the treatment alternatives that will work for you.

For further enquiries please contact our professional and friendly staff via phone or fill in our easy online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Nova Dental is conveniently located on Collins Street, Melbourne.

Please call 03 9654 8977.

Lockout Services | Solid Locksmith

Lockout services | Top 10 Best Ways to Avoid a Lockout Situation

Lockout services – the Top 10 Best Ways to Avoid a Lockout Situation

Lockouts occur all the time and happen more often than we think. What would you do if you were to lock yourself out of your house or your vehicle? Most of us don’t think about using a lockout service until it’s too late and we are already placed in a lockout situation. Prevention is always better than cure. The three most common forms of lockouts are:


  • Home lockout;
  • Vehicle lockout;
  • Office lockout.

As mentioned, prevention is better than cure so it is important to put some measures in place to avoid a lockout situation. This will give you peace of mind knowing that if you should lock yourself out of your house or your vehicle, you have an instant backup plan that you can implement. Let’s take a look at the top best 9 ways to avoid a lockout situation.


1). Spare Keys

Spare Keys | Solid LocksmithsThis seems like the obvious choice but it is one that most people don’t get around to doing. The difficulty is where to locate your spare keys and what lockout situation would you need the spare key for? Is it for your house?Your garage? Your car? You don’t want to end up with multiple spare keys as this can become difficult to actually remember what spare key you have and where it is when you need it the most.

For example, you might have a spare office key and rather than carry that round all the time on your person, you may decide to leave it at home or in your car. Or you could leave a spare house key at your office.


2). Secret Hiding Spot for House Keys

Now that you have your spare key, where can you leave it? It is important if you decide to leave a spare house key outside your home, to make sure that this isn’t in an obvious place a burglar may look. The good old days of leaving a spare key under the pot plant next to the door, in the letterbox or even under a garden rock won’t cut it.

Thieves of today are a lot more sophisticated than in days gone by. You need to leave the key in the most unassuming and inconspicuous place possible.

3). Give a Spare Key to a Reliable Person

Another option for your spare keys is to leave a set of spare keys for your most important locks with someone trustworthy and reliable. For example, you might just need to have a set of keys on one key ring for your car and house, not every single lock that you have.

Then you can leave that set of keys with a reliable person that is reliable. This may be a friend, family member or a neighbour. Whoever it is, it needs to be somebody that you can trust and somebody who does live fairly close to your home.


4). Develop a Habit of Checking Your Keys

Most of the time when we are involved in a lockout situation, it’s because we are either in a rush or distracted. For example, we might receive a phone call on our mobile just as we are leaving the house. While we are walking out the door, we aren’t concentrating and we pull the door shut. Bang! It’s too late.

It really is important to develop a “mental checklist” when it comes to locking the doors of our home or vehicles. Before you finally pull the door shut, stop what you’re doing and just check you have your keys with you.


5). Maintenance of Locks

Sometimes the lockout may occur because our locks are old and worn down. This means the key doesn’t actually open the lock. Worse still, the key can break the lock which will require a locksmith service. Almost one-third of all lockouts actually happen as a result of a damaged lock or key.

To prevent this, make sure that you maintain your locks properly. This can be done with regular lubrication and cleaning of your locks on a frequent basis. It is highly recommended to replace damaged or malfunctioning keys at the first sign of a problem.


6). Maintenance of keys

Just like maintaining locks, keys must also be maintained, especially keyless entry fobs and toggles as they run on batteries. If the batteries are wearing down then this can affect the performance of your keyless entry device. This could then leave you locked out of your car if you don’t also have a traditional key as part of your fob or toggle.

If you notice that respond of your fob or toggle is starting to lag on the first click, you may need to monitor this to see if the battery is approaching expiry.


7). Be Organised

If you have all your keys on a key hook at home, then you will form a strong habit of keeping them in the same location. If you make it a habit of putting your keys there are soon as you get home, then when you leave the house, you know exactly they are.

This way you will be less likely to forget them, especially if you are leaving the house in a hurry.


8). Constant Reminders

Some people operate better when it comes to colours and noises. Therefore, why not have a bunch of your most critical keys together with some sort of colourful key tag that stands out? While it might not be the most practical solution, if you are a habitual key loser or are always finding yourself locked out, this could act as a forced reminder.

Another option is that if you wear a lanyard as part of your business or employment, you can attach your most important key/s to this. With this hanging around your neck, you have a constant reminder and a relatively convenient way to hold your keys.


9). Use Keyless Entry as an Alternative

Failing all of the above there is another option. Just like cars, these days have keyless entry, your house and office can also be fitted with keyless entry. As a matter of fact, these days, there are a number of commercial buildings that have keyless entry or electronic access card systems. Although not the cheapest option, it certainly solves the issue of losing keys or replacing old locks.


10). Use  a Reliable Locksmith Service

You don’t want to call any old locksmith service when you are in an emergency situation and totally unprepared. There are a number of questions that you need to ask if you have not used this locksmith service previously. Is the locksmith reputable? Are they from the local community? Are they reliable? It doesn’t hurt to ask for recommendations ahead of time from trusted people who may have used a locksmith previously.

Whether this is for your home, office or car, it is important that you feel comfortable using a particular locksmith service. Your locks are very important with regard to protecting your own personal information and security, so you must feel comfortable using a locksmith that is reliable and trustworthy.

Bupa Dentist Chatswood Clinic

How To Find A Bupa Dentist Chatswood Clinic

In today’s society, it is easy to overlook your health as your finances and career often take up the majority of your time and energy. Although you cannot simply ignore these two factors in order to get and remain successful, it is also vital that you take care of your health and well-being as well. It is even more important that you take the time to address your dental health.

In fact, over 90% of tooth loss can be attributed to gum disease and tooth decay. These two oral conditions affect almost 50% of residents in Australia before 12 years of age. These are two dental conditions that are also totally preventable. So, if you are looking for competitive comprehensive dental insurance, you should consider choosing the services of a Bupa Dentist Chatswood Clinic.

What Is Bupa?

Read all about it here.

Finding The Best Float Tank Melbourne Has To Offer

Finding The Best Float Tank Melbourne Has To Offer

While float tanks are not a new invention by any means, they have become extremely popular in recent years, especially in the Melbourne area. It has become clear to those that put them to use that there are many benefits to having a space in which you can decompress and relax, without any outside distractions that come in our hustle and bustle lifestyle. For that reason, many are turning to this as an option to rejuvenate and get themselves back on track to deal with a new day.

If you have been looking for a way to relax and get away without having to take a vacation, this may be the best option for you. You simply go to the facility and pay for a set amount of time in which you get to free yourself from the world around you. It is extremely relaxing and can also help to treat a number of conditions that you might be facing.

One of the most common things that people use it to treat is anxiety. Life can be a struggle, even when things typically are going quite well. Anxiety naturally builds up under the pressure of constantly having to feel that you have more on your plate than you can handle. One of the healthiest things that you can do for yourself is to find a means of stepping away and getting in touch with yourself and what really matters. By using a float tank, also known as a sensory deprivation tank, you can simply relax and let all of your worries subside. It’s quite similar to taking a warm bath except in this case you can simply float and fully relax all of your muscles, which will naturally reduce your anxiety and stress level.

Another common use of the tanks is for the treatment of hypertension, or high blood pressure. Like how it can help to treat anxiety, it gives the user the ability to fully relax. One of the most common causes of high blood pressure is being under too much stress and having chemicals flowing through the body that constrict blood vessels. Not only will you be able to relax, but the warm water promotes healthy blood flow in all areas of the body. If you suffer from hypertension that has not been able to be treated with medication or simply wish to try something before you start a medication then this is certainly an option for you.

Finally, if you suffer from pain, whether it be chronic or just a cramp in a muscle, the benefits that these tanks can provide are amazing. Countless users report a reduction in their pain and many find that it has been eliminated completely with regular use. This is a great way to avoid having to take medication that has a number of negative side effects that you certainly do not want to deal with if you do not absolutely have to.

Finding a float tank in the Melbourne area is rather simple. You need only to do a search online and will certainly find one that will be able to meet your needs. Just be sure that you do a little bit of research before you make your choice, as they do not all provide the same level of service. The water should be body temperature and contain a healthy amount of salt. Once you have done your research and read the reviews you should be able to decide on which provider you believe will give you the experience that you are looking for.

Caravan Towing | Retreat Caravans

Some Important Towing Do’s and Don’ts

You may be a great driver, but other than the basic driving rules and regulations towing needs few special skills. To be safe on the road and make your towing experience easier here are some basic but important do’s and don’ts.

Towing | Retreat Caravans


Avoid sway by keeping a good control over brakes and steering

Towing may seem similar to your daily drive but driving with a trailer attached to your car is not so easy. Sudden turns and slippery roads can cause sway which can be very dangerous. To avoid sway, you should keep your steering steady and speed under control. Controlled brakes and accelerator reduces the risk as well.


Calculate the distance accordingly to avoid collisions

You need to remember that you are not the only one on the road. So keeping a check on the side mirrors can help you calculate a safe distance between you and other vehicles. A minimum space of 3-4 seconds between you and the vehicles around you is considered safe.


Take rest to avoid physical and mental stress

Driving itself is a tiring task, and while you are driving with a trailer behind you, it can be a very stressful task to do. Make sure you stop by every 2-3 hours so that you can concentrate on the road. To be safe and reach your destination on time try having another skilled driver with you, who can drive in case you are tired.


Add extra effort while overtaking

While you are on a road trip with a trailer or van attached to your car, you should avoid overtaking. Still, if you need to overtake in certain circumstances try to put in some extra effort, to make sure you are safe. Take more time, keep it slow and maintain a greater space from the other vehicle. Understand your vehicle’s length, width and capacity to maintain the correct speed. Remember there are other drivers on the road too, so when necessary give enough space to them to overtake. This will keep the traffic smooth on the lane.
If you are planning a road trip soon, remember these towing tips.

Teeth Whitening Things to Consider | Simply Dental Chatswood

Teeth Whitening Sydney: Things To Consider!

Teeth whitening is a proven and safe way to a radiant smile and higher self-esteem. The procedure is fast, convenient, inexpensive, effective, and popular with a lot of people in Sydney in this day and age. It comes with numerous cosmetic and oral health benefits.


In fact, teeth whitening can dramatically improve your smile and enhance the appearance as a result.


That is why you should choose the best teeth whitening clinic in Sydney to improve your smile and self-esteem over time. Here are important things to consider when looking for a reputable teeth whitening clinic in Sydney.

Teeth Whitening | Simply Dental Chatswood

Tooth discolouration is caused due to many everyday factors such as coffee, red wine, tea, smoking, soft drinks, and certain medications. On the other hand, poor oral hygiene practices could result in stains on your teeth.


Over the years, your teeth become stained and discoloured due to these conditions.


Your smile would not be as white as it used to be due to this very reason. This can affect your confidence and self-esteem. In fact, the latest research reveals that discoloured and stained teeth are one of the major reasons for a candidate to fail at interviews and promotions when hunting for jobs.


That is where teeth whitening in Sydney comes in handy. It is a cosmetic procedure that helps lighten your teeth by reducing the stains and discolouration.


There are two basic teeth whitening methods out there – one is the at-home method where you buy a teeth whitening kit over the counter, and the other method is visiting a reputable cosmetic dentist in Sydney. You will achieve better results when you visit a reliable cosmetic dentist in the area.


Their methods are quite effective and less abrasive compared to at-home teeth whitening kits.


The best candidate for teeth whitening is an individual who fully understands the procedure, has stained or discoloured teeth and more realistic in their expectations. A qualified cosmetic dentist in Sydney is the best person to decide whether you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening.


In-practice teeth whitening methods are performed by a qualified cosmetic dentist in Sydney.

These products have a higher percentage of peroxide and are directly applied to the discoloured teeth. The peroxide is then activated by a LED laser for fast and effective results. If you don’t have tooth sensitivity, this could be the best procedure for you. The results of this method are quick and durable.
The peroxide in the teeth whitening product would dissolve the stains and discolouration on the teeth. This helps change the colour of your teeth and produce a whitening effect in no time. The results are achieved by the light passing through the tiny pores of the dentin and enamel to break up the stains in the area.


In fact, professional teeth whitening is more effective since it breaks down internal as well as surface stains. On the other hand, at-home techniques are only able to deal with surface stains.


The cost of teeth whitening would depend on the results you expect and your individual circumstances. In fact, you may need one or more treatment sessions depending on the results you expect. Teeth whitening can last for 2-3 years if you are a non-smoker and avoid foods that could stain the teeth.


You should go to a reputed and experienced cosmetic dentist in Sydney for teeth whitening.

Simply Dental Chatswood is a leading teeth whitening clinic in Sydney. The clinic comes highly recommended by a majority of their past and present clients in the area. Call them now for all your teeth whitening requirements in Sydney.

Concrete Cleaning | House Washing Experts

Cleaning Your Concrete After a Storm

Recovering from an emergency can be tough enough without the added clean up tasks that inevitably occur after a flooding or a storm.


Many parts of your home’s exterior can be affected and left with stubborn mud marks that require the right equipment to get rid of. That’s where the House Washing Experts can help!


The House Washing Experts are Brisbane’s most trusted and professional cleaning service. We cater to all residential, commercial and industrial needs and provide an extensive array of cleaning services designed specifically to cleanse and rejuvenate your home’s exterior.


We have accumulated years of experience and in-depth knowledge in cleaning thousands of homes and businesses across the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Toowoomba. So you can rely on us to have the necessary knowledge and skill to clean your premises effectively and to the fullest extent.


One of our main areas of speciality involves cleaning concrete and brick driveways. With our state of the art high-pressure washing equipment, we can make your concrete and brick paved driveways look like brand new again! In fact, we can clean your driveway no matter what material it is made up of an increase your curb appeal to a whole new high!


Forget about those expensive renovation plans! Our professional cleaning services are a cheap way to revitalise your driveway appearance and get it sparkling clean again. We can reverse all the damage and build-up of dirt and mud that your concrete has endured and returned it back to its original condition.  

Our pressure washers are even capable of removing years of accumulated oils stains, chemicals, grime and mould. This will prolong and preserve the life of your driveway and save you having to spend extra on replacing your driveway!

And don’t worry, our driveway cleaning services are easy on the environment too! We use 70% less water than conventional driveway cleaners and our products are gentle enough to not harm your plants and garden.


Allowing us to give your driveway a deep and thorough cleanse can also prevent safety hazards. Heavy mud marks can pose a risk to slips and falls. But with our driveway washers, that can be instantly fixed.

Driveway Cleaning | House Washing Experts


Our work is 100% guaranteed! So if we’ve accidentally missed a spot, no worries at all. We will gladly return to finish the job off to your complete satisfaction! We also promise to beat any current legitimate quote by 10% and will throw in a free quote to top it off!


Why choose the Hose Cleaning Experts to clean your driveways?

  • We service customers for both residential and commercial needs.
  • We promise to beat any current legitimate quote by 10%.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • Save time, money and water!
  • We can make your driveway look brand new again.
  • We help prevent the wear and tear of your driveways and prolong their life.
  • We are a fast, easy, efficient and reputable service.
  • We use advanced high-pressure washing equipment which is gentle on the environment.

Looking for a cleaning service that can professionally clean your driveway? The House Washing Experts are a perfect choice!

With the House Washing Experts, you can expect a friendly, efficient and professional house cleaning service. We offer fair prices and a free quote too!

So why not contact us today and speak to one of our friendly team members. We can arrange a time that is flexible and works for your schedule. We are Brisbane’s most trusted professional cleaning service. You don’t even need to be home when we’re cleaning.

PH: 1300 927 433

Business Hours:

Mon-Fri: 8:00am to 6:00pm

Sat: 9:00am to 12noon





Do you provide free quotes for all your cleaning services?

Yes! At the House Washing Experts, we provide a free quote for all our cleaning services. To get your free quote, please call 1300 927 433.


Are your cleaning services guaranteed?

Yes! We will clean your homes and businesses as if they were our own, and if we’ve accidentally missed a spot, we will be happy to come back and finish the job to your
complete satisfaction! For a free quote, please call 1300 927 433

Do you offer cleaning services for businesses too?

The House Washing Experts provides arrange of cleaning services for both residential, commercial and industrial needs. For a free quote, please call 1300 927 433


How does cleaning your home’s exterior add value to your home?

When it comes to selling or renting your home, first impressions make a big impact.  Potential buyers and tenants love to see clean pathways, sparkling windows, a stain and oil-free driveway and so on.Investing in a professional and reputable cleaning service is more worth it then you think.

It can maximise the return of your house and potentially add thousands back into your pockets! It can also attract you, potential buyers and tenants, faster and preserve the life of your floors for longer!


At the House Washing experts we provide Body Corporate maintenance services designed specifically to cleanse and rejuvenate your building’s’ exterior.  For a free quote, please call 1300 927 433.

Meyou Cube Cat Bed | Cat Evolution

Tips for Getting Your Cat to Accept Its Bed

Tips for Getting Your Cat to Accept Its Bed

Where does your cat prefer to sleep? Cats, and kittens, in particular, seek comfort and security. Unless you have taught your cat to accept its own bed, its preferred place will most likely be your bed where it can snuggle up and feel your proximity and body warmth.


Cats need a place to rest where they feel safe, comfortable and warm. Once found, they can sleep there between 15 and 20 hours a day. They might choose a pillow on your living room sofa, your laundry basket, or even a window ledge, or it might be multiple spots which change depending on the time of day and season. Whatever the case, your cat will pick places it finds comfortable and that have a clear escape route in case it is disturbed or feels threatened.


One option is to buy a specially designed cat bed, and there is a wide choice of shapes, sizes, and interior comforts available. the following video from MeYou Paris showcases innovative designs for cat beds that are fully or partly enclosed to provide a safe hideaway where your cat can sleep in comfort.

Cat Bed | Cat Evolution


MEYOU Paris Cat Beds

These are handcrafted designer beds and an advancement beyond the more traditional basket bed with a flannelette blanket, or the laundry basket option


Location and Bed Comforts

Maybe you have bought a new bed for your cat, something special your cat should accept and occupy for sleeping and resting. In reality, you have only solved half the problem, the easy half.

The cat may have other ideas, ignore the bed, and continue to sleep where you don’t want it to sleep. How are you going to change its mind and persuade it to accept its new sleeping quarters?

Force or punishment will be counterproductive and worsen the problem because your cat will react with fear. Unable to communicate your wishes with your pet, you must address its inherent needs which are safety and comfort.



This is likely to be the most important consideration and the major reason your cat rejects its assigned sleeping quarters.

Several environmental issues may have caused your cat to reject its bed location. Foremost, cats want to feel safe and undisturbed where they sleep and rest.

  • Place the bed where other household pets like dogs or other cats leave your cat in peace.
  • Your cat needs a clear and visible “escape route” in case people and predators intrude on its resting place.
  • Its sleeping location must be away from the traffic lanes, household members and children access.
  • The bed should be in a location free from sudden disturbances like noise and lights that are likely to be switched on and off.

You also need to recognise that cats have superior sensory receptors for smells and scents than those of humans. A bed location exposed to unfamiliar and objectionable smells may be a reason why your cat has rejected is sleeping location. It is important to keep its bed clean and free from stale food and excrement.

Finally, the room temperature where you place its bed may cause a problem. Cats are not particularly sensitive to cold but they do like to sleep in a sunny spot or near artificial heating. This issue may be difficult to test.


The Ideal Cat Bed

There are no hard and fast rules about the design of a cat’s bed. [In fact, provided your cat feels safe and comfortable, the bed choice is largely a matter of owner preference for a stylish and attractive design, and your cat will often adapt the new sleeping in its own timeframe.

MeYou Paris is designed cat beds with the owner’s style in mind but based on the cat’s natural instincts for a cosy, safe and secure sleeping.

The Ball and Cube beds are partly enclosed with the round shape providing great durability and capture of body warmth for natural heating. Designed to also have scratcher and play.

Place one of these beds in the correct location and your cat is certain to love its resting place.

Versatility in mobility also allows seasonal position changes, to ensure that if your cat’s preference moves with the season, the bed can also.

Visit MeYou Cat Beds page to get an idea of the beds and accessories this company offers for the comfort of your cat.  


Introducing Your Cat to Its New Sleeping Quarters

You need to use psychology to persuade your cat to accept its new bed. Use an emotional appeal like curiosity and let the cat explore at its own pace

You should not place the cat into the bed on the first day you bring it home. The cat may reject the scents and smells the bed retains from the manufacturing process, and from unknown people who have handled the bed during packaging and transport.

The better approach is to go about the introduction slowly and aim to raise the cat’s curiosity.

  • Place items with scents and smells the cat recognises a day before the cat’s house introduction. This could be items of your own clothing or the cat’s favourite toys.
  • Handle and fiddle with the bed to raise the cat’s curiosity while watching what you are doing.
  • Pick up the cat and show it the bed but let it decide by itself when to explore its interior.
  • Hold some special treat the cat loves to eat in a way the forces the cat to occupy the bed to reach it.
  • Incorporate playtime by tossing toys into the bed. This may also bring fast familiarity.

In summary, endeavour to create positive reactions from your cat and it will respond by taking a permanent lease in its own bed.